Finally! The new N-Series!

At the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2011 Honda showed the N Concept 4. The design of this concept car is an evolution of the EV-N concept car of 2009 and includes clear hints to the styling of the classic N-Series. The production version will be very similar to this concept and will start production in spring 2012. Following the introduction of the new Mini, new Fiat 500 and the new VW Beetle now also Honda is introducing a modern version of its old favorite the fantastic N-Series from the 60’s and 70’s. Fantastic news for us N-Series lovers!

The N Concept 4 is again a kei car intended for the Japanese market. It’s purpose is to double Honda kei car sales to 280.000 units a year. Right now there are no plans to introduce it in the USA, in Europe or any other place in the world. The N Concept 4 is a four door, but a two door version, like the EV-N, will be produced from autumn 2012. The new N will be equipped with a 3 cylinder 660cc DOHC VTC (Variable Timing Control) gasoline engine with 58 or 64 horsepower, connected to a CVT transmission. It is possible that at some point it will also be offered as an electric vehicle. At the same Tokyo Motor Show Honda showed a newly developed compact electric power train. The EV-N concept from 2009 was also an electric vehicle. The electric power train includes a high efficiency coaxial motor, a low-friction gearbox and electric servo braking system. Because of its low electricity consumption and the use of lithium-ion batteries its range is 210 kilometers (123 miles), which is very high for an electrical car.


Honda promotes the new N-Series as New, Next, Nippon and Norimono (vehicle)!